Princess Cinderella
Because I'm naughty, naughty!
Завтра я расскажу эпопею о том, как я весь вечер делал лабу по Супер Джуниорам, но пока чудные результаты чудного теста *_*

Your life with one of Super Junior.
Full Name
Your Partner Is: HanKyung
Where Did You Meet: At the broadcasting studio
What made him fall in love with you: Your voice
How did he announce that he had fallen for you: Said Saranghaeyo then kissed you out of the blue
What kind of nickname he calls you: Aein(Korean=SweetHeart)
How did he propose to you: Asked you while he was on Ya Shim Man Man (or whatever show) while you were at home watching with a cold
This cool quiz by *Rising_Sun* - Taken 1231 Times.
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@темы: [валшебство *_*], [тесты], [утри слюну, ведь мы карейцы!!]

2010-04-05 в 02:13 

Старый больной тайчо
Птица Додо отличается умом, сообразительностью и большими глазами
О, бэби, какие милые результаты **

2010-04-05 в 12:04 

Because I'm naughty, naughty!
сам тащусь ))

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